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Children's book photographer- Science experiments

I am proud to introduce the newest book that I was commissioned to photograph! 'Snackable Science Experiments' by Emma Vanstone, founder of Science Sparks.

I have also photographed the book This is Rocket Science

Photographing this book was not an easy task! We had to visualise, style, cook and photograph 60 edible science experiments in the space of 2 days! To say it was a mad house of creative, sugary mess is a an understatement! There were ingredients and props coming out of our ears, cooked sugar on every surface, recipes setting in the fridge, a constantly full oven, and what felt like a never ending washing-up pile! Oh and then I had to fit in photographing them all...

Our team for the 2 days consisted of the Author Emma (Chef), Her husband (head of washing up), and their 4 children, 1 cute toddler perfect for de-stress cuddles, and 3 amazing models.

It was important I worked closely with the Author so I could make sure I visually created exactly what she had visioned when writing the book. I also had to make sure I styled and photographed each experiment to a quality she was happy to use. The publisher, based in America, had commissioned me to shoot step-by-steps of the experiments, beauty shots and photos of children modelling them.

As we were cooking, styling and shooting the book in the same house we decided to dedicate the brightest room in the property for setting up a studio space. I used a range of lights, camera lenses, different coloured backdrops, and a ton of props! I had to be speedy for the styling and shooting of each of the 60 experiments so my brain was drained by the end of it all, but thankfully tasting the experiments kept me powering through!

We shot the book in November and it was released September 2019. When I first got my hands on a copy it felt incredible seeing my photos in a book! Although I had photographed a book before it was

still a proud moment for me. I can't thank Emma and the publishers enough for believing in me and giving me this amazing opportunity! I can only hope I get to photograph more children's books in the future.

Here are a few of the many photos that can be found in the book!

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